Apples to Apples…..

Kansas City Home Stager Helen BartlettI am absolutely passionate about what I do…..which is…..trying to make the process of selling a house, or living in a house a little less stressful. How? By staging it to sell or staging it to stay. I’ve always thought it was something I could take for granted that I could “see” what needed to be changed. Some people called it my “gift” but that sounds so unprofessional to say I have a “gift.” This God granted gift has allowed me to create a life I’ve never worked so hard at, and never enjoyed as many rewards from, professionally, personally and passionately.

So when someone says to me “I got a better price from someone else,” and you need to match that. My response is always the same. When comparing any “service” job to another, it’s never an apples-to-apples comparison. It’s more like apples-to-oranges and that is never the same! Well, they’re both round but that’s about it! When comparing home staging services with two or more home stagers, you always have to keep in mind that you will ALWAYS get two or three different results. Without a doubt, there are things to consider. It’s not like you’re comparing pricing on a new car with two or three different dealerships. There you can order the “model” with all the bells and whistles that are important to you, and absolutely get the same thing and pick the best price and feel certain with the outcome. With home staging, you are working with individuals who are all different, who have a different “vision” of the space, who have access to different inventory and who all have different backgrounds as far as their training, credentials, accolades, education and qualifications. The end result is that you will have two or three different scenarios, two or three different looks, and two or three different end results. It’s never the same. If price is your bottom line, that could be a financial or business decision and I respect that. I may not be the right person for the job for you. My goal has never been to be the cheapest home stager out there. My goal is to be the best home stager in Kansas City and offer my clients the skills, expertise and value that comes with that.

Helen has earned the RESA-PRO designation and continues to learn the newest design trends and details that appeal to her clients and their homes. Through RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) she has been named as a Top 10 Professional Home Staging for the Rising Star Category in 2013 as well as Top 10 Professional Home Stager for Occupied Homes, Vacant Homes and in the Redesign Category for 2015. In addition, Helen has been awarded for 2 consecutive years, 2014-2015 as on of “The Best of Houzz.”

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