Why should I stage my home? I just want to sell it and not put any more money into it.

Buyers are willing to spend more on a home they feel is move-in ready. Move-in ready homes are more appealing to most buyers who have a very busy lifestyle with family, career, etc. They feel if a home looks its best, it is well taken care of and they are more confident making their best offer on a house. If there are obvious repairs or changes that need to be made, a buyer will calculate the amount of money needed to make the repair at approximately 5 times the actual cost. Therefore, when they make an offer, they deduct those amounts from what they consider a fair offer. For example, if the carpet is worn, dated or dirty and would cost a homeowner $1,000 to replace, a buyer will calculate that cost to be $5,000 and offer at least that amount less from their offer.


Can I just do a few things to stage my house rather than the entire house?

Yes, absolutely. Any thing done to improve the look of a house for a buyer will be noticed. You should focus on the main area of entrance into the home. A buyer will decide within 15 seconds of entering the home whether or not this home could be the one for them. Within that 15 seconds, the first impression should be a positive one.   Any money spent on kitchens and bathrooms are highly regarded to show value in a buyers opinion. Simple things like paint and updating lighting can show the biggest improvement for the minimal amount of investment.


My home was professionally decorated. Why would I need it to be staged to sell?

This is a very common question that we always hear. The biggest difference between decorating and staging is: Decorating is about a personal reflection of the homeowners. What they like, who they are. It tells their story. It is about focusing on all the pretty stuff in a house including furniture, art and accessories. When a home is staged, many of the same pretty things can be used, but they need to be used in a way to show off the house, not the stuff. Every room should have a focal point that is highlighted. You need the buyer to focus on the house itself, the space, the architectural features of the house, the layout, the flow. Being distracted by pretty decorations and furnishings will distract a buyer from connecting with the house and the space itself.

Does staging a house actually work? I’m sure my house will sell…..eventually.

Yes, the investment of staging really works. Proven statistics show that a home that is professionally staged will sell 50-80% quicker than a non-staged home and for more money. The longer the house sits on the market, the greater the monthly holding costs and expenses incur related to that. In addition, as the days on market increase, buyers begin to wonder why no one else wanted this house, or what’s wrong with this house that they may not see. They will be reluctant to make a good offer thinking this could be to their benefit by making a low offer. After all, the house has been on the market for a while and no one else wanted it. They will begin to think the sellers are desperate and will take advantage of that situation.

Why should I spend money staging a vacant house? The rooms look bigger and a buyer can picture their own things in the space.

Actually, a staged home looks bigger with furniture in it. It gives a buyer perspective on the space. Seeing a sofa in a living room, they can look at that and see that theirs might be bigger, smaller, etc. and how it will fit. It also helps them to see how to arrange furnishings if the space is too big, too small or has an awkward layout.   A buyer also looks at an empty house as a seller being in a desperate situation. That they must have to sell, they’ve already left and given up on their own house. A buyer will use that to their advantage. Staging statistics also show that 9 out of 10 buyers can’t visualize a space or what to do with it. That’s nine out of ten people who come in who will not connect with a house. Furnishing a vacant house gives the buyer the emotional connection they need to see themselves living there. When a buyer starts talking about family meals in the dining room, or sitting around the fireplace in the winter, they are emotionally moving themselves in. They can’t do that in a vacant house. Because there is nothing to look at but the house, they only focus on the flaws they see whether it’s worn floors, cracks, in the walls, outdated fixtures, etc.

Why do I have to hire a professional Kansas City home stager? Can’t I just do it myself?

Yes and no. You need a professional unbiased opinion of how a buyer will see your house. Most homeowners are too emotionally attached to their home. In addition they’ve lived there for a while and become familiar with many things that a buyer will pick out as a problem or a distraction. On the other hand, working with a professional home stager, the stager can recommend certain things be done like painting, replacing carpeting, fixtures, adding updated art or accessories and the homeowner can certainly do those things saving money with DIY. The value you receive from a professional outweighs the investment many times over. Find a plan that works for your particular needs. You can have as much or as little assistance from a stager that works best for you. Staging options are flexible.

How much does home staging cost in Kansas City? Can I afford to do it?

Absolutely, yes. Some would argue you can’t afford not to do it! The investment in home staging can result in thousands of dollars more in an offer because it fits the buyer demographic and their lifestyle.   When properly staged, homes have had multiple offers and at times over asking price. The investment of home staging can be as simple as an hourly consultation where the homeowners decide to do the recommended steps to get their home market ready, or it can be as much as bringing in updated furnishings and accessories in homes partially or completely empty houses. These costs vary depending on the amount of items needed to be brought in as well as the rental period decided upon. Hourly rates vary with home stagers from $50 to $150 per hour typically.  The cost of home staging should also take into consideration for continued monthly holding costs when a home takes longer to sell without staging. Typically, staged homes sell 50-80% faster than non staged homes saving homeowners thousands of dollars in monthly holding fees.

Should I price shop when looking for a Kansas City home stager? Is it worth going with the least expensive bid? After all, they will all do the same thing.

Certainly you can, but always remember the old saying “you get what you pay for!”

When hiring a stager if you want to get two or three bids, keep in mind that you will get two or three different quotes. No two quotes will be exactly alike because no two stagers are exactly alike and in most cases, no two staging jobs are exactly alike. When comparing bid quotes, keep in mind you are comparing apples to oranges. Each stager will bring to the table their own vision of what the property will look like when it’s staged, will they use their own inventory or rental inventory, what is their background, education, vision for the project, qualifications and experience? All these variables play into the outcome resulting in a totally different ending product in most cases.  Be sure to check out their website or portfolio to see previous jobs to show what kind of work you can expect.   Get a good feel for how they envision the project and and will make it appeal to the demographic buyer. Once you’ve done you’re homework, be confident in trusting your home stager as the professional to get the job done for you.