Vacant Home Staging

First Impressions – Did you know that a buyer will decide within 15 seconds of walking into your house whether or not the house could work for them.  Within 15 seconds they will continue to build on a positive, or negative, impression based on what they first feel.  You’ve heard that you only have one chance to make a first impression!  Take advantage of that by making sure that your home will create an emotional connection with the buyer the moment they step through the front door.  When the buyer connects emotionally, that’s when they buy!  Professionally staged homes sell 50-80% faster than non-staged homes and for 7-10% more money.  The first impression can be something as little as just updating your current furnishings and decor, changing out light fixture, or neutralizing your wall colors.  If the home is vacant, it’s much harder for a buyer to connect emotionally with the space.  If they walk into a vacant house, they have nothing to look at other than the walls and the floors.  They tend to look for the flaws because there is nothing else to look at or focus on.  All these things will impact the first impression your buyer will have.  Your investment in home staging pays off within seconds!

At Refined Interiors, we understand just how important that first impression is. To see a few examples, click on the first small image below.