Being recognized as one of RESA’s (Real Estate Staging Association) Top 10 Professional Home Stagers for Vacant Homes, one of our areas of expertise is working on vacant homes.  Whether your home is vacant because of a recent move, newly renovated or a newly constructed home, we can help every buyer walking through the door to visualize their lifestyle there.  Ninety percent of home buyers have difficulty in visualizing spaces and furniture layout.  With today’s popular style of open concept living, it is difficult for buyers to see how their furnishings will fit into the space, and how to divide the space into living sections.  As much as we all love the open concept spaces, buyers need to have some perspective of how their own furnishings will fit and work into the space.  Staging a vacant home allows a buyer to see how to set up their furnishings and see how what is in front of them compares to their own furnishings.  They may see a sofa and say “our sofa is bigger/smaller and will work in that space.”  What we know, and are proud of, is that our staged homes sell quicker and for more money than non-staged comparable homes.  Today’s buyers need to see how their lives will fit and work into their new homes.  Below are examples of homes we’ve staged in the metro Kansas City area including Prairie Village, Fairway, Leawood, Kansas City, Cedar Creek, and Mission Hills.

Click on the first small image below to see examples of our vacant home we’ve staged in Kansas City: