At Refined Interior Staging Solutions, we’re extremely proud of what our Kansas City homeowners have had to say about our staging. Here are just a few:

My team knows that succeeding in a challenging Luxury Home Marketplace means “winning the beauty contest and the price war.” Our sellers are so lucky to have the talents of Helen Bartlett to help put their best-foot-forward and provide the love-infusion that makes our Buyers say WOW! Two of our listings just sold within 7 days of Helen’s magic. Thank-you Helen from The Goldstein Team, Better Homes & Gardens Kansas City

Suzy G.


Based on a recommendation from my realtor, I hired Helen from June-July 2016 to stage my house. Helen is a very gifted interior design professional and has an amazing eye for how to stage a house to create maximum appeal. I could tell Helen was right for the job based on our initial consultation — much more so than the other two stagers who gave bids, Helen carefully sized up each room and immediately began to develop a plan for how to make each room look its very best. Helen has great aesthetic judgment that is backed up not only by a strong intuition of what a buyer wants to see based on the details of your unique house, but also considerable staging experience. Though I can be very opinionated and reluctant to budge on aesthetic choices, I was happy to defer to Helen’s staging decisions because I trusted her. And my trust paid off: owing in considerable part to Helen’s expert staging job, my house sold for above-asking within 3 HOURS of being on the market. I was so pleased with Helen’s work that I even gave her a bonus for the job, something I only do when I am fortunate enough to work with a professional of the highest caliber, like Helen. 

I cannot recommend Helen enough — if you are selling and want to move your home quickly and at a great price, you cannot go wrong by choosing Helen for all your staging and design needs.Helen is amazing!

Adam H.


I hired Helen to redesign my dated kitchen. Helen has a keen eye for detail. She quickly determined my design style and came up with a plan. Helen did the “shopping” before the two of us picked out the counter top, cabinet style and back splash. I really appreciated this because it is overwhelming trying to make a decision with all the choices available. Helen managed every phase of my kitchen renovation and kept the project on track. Thank you, Helen! I will enjoy my new kitchen for a long time!



Helen staged a house for us which sold within one week (the house had been on the market for months prior to the staging). She has also done a fabulous job helping us decorate our current house. She has created a space that fits our needs and style. She is prompt with getting suggestions to you, as well as responding if you need anything. Her vision and talent are undeniable. I truly enjoy working with Helen and love the outcomes of all she has done for us.



Helen was amazing to work with. The results of her staging were unbelievable. The before and after transformation exceeded all expectations. Helen is professional and has a keen ability to show a home in its best light. I will use Helen’s services again at my next opportunity and would highly recommend her services to everyone in the real estate industry.



Helen Bartlett turned a lovely, plain home into a fabulous, stunning one! Before the house was staged, we would have asked a lower listing price than once it was staged; it truly looked like a different home. Helen brought in a few pieces of furniture, moved some furniture out of the house into the owner’s storage area, added a rug, fabulous decorative items and great-looking silk arrangements, new white towels and a different comforter for the master bedroom, 

Helen has a keen eye for what can change the look of a room/house and make it happen. This home sold in 21 days and is in a $1M+ price point, which is definitely not the norm for that price point. Helen was a pleasure to work with, very professional, and runs her business perfectly.



Helen has done two homes for me: 

On one she went through the entire home to help the seller de-clutter. She had amazing insight and her delivery to the seller was both insightful and diplomatic. She offered great advice which I took note of for my own home. 

The other home was vacant and she stagged it. WOW ! It transformed this somewhat sad vacant home into a page out of a decorating magazine. Very impressive. 

Helen is my secret weapon in my real estate business. 



I first saw Helen’s staging and decorating at an realtor’s open house. I really liked all the paint colors she had chosen for the house, the attention to detail and the arrangement of the furniture. She had created a very welcoming space in a vacant home. I took her brochure, contacted her the same afternoon and we arranged for a meeting at our home to talk about the staging of our home that was on the market. 

Helen was very professional and helpful with her suggestions. We went room to room and talked about what needed to happen in order for us to sell the house. We were not getting the lookers that we had hoped for and we knew that we needed a designer’s input to make this happen. 

We followed her suggestions, stripping wallpaper, new paint colors, staging the house to make it more appealing to buyers. Helen was instrumental in getting the right look for our house that brought us lookers and most certainly a buyer for our house. 

When looking for a new house, I also asked Helen to visit two places that we were deciding between, to get her opinion and thoughts on these houses. When we did decide to make a purchase, I again called Helen to help with design ideas and arranging of furniture. 

Helen has a wonderful vision of what can be and is so helpful, sincere and a pleasure to work with. She has been a friend and trusted professional in what can be a very daunting and stressful time. I will call upon her again for help with any future design project.




What an incredible value. Helen and her team made the house look terrific, and i credit them with the house selling in less than a week. they arrived on time, Helen supervised every aspect of the move / staging process, and they were done before she had estimated. The furnishings and accessories were perfect for the project. Again, the house sold in less than a week. What better data point to consider. Hire Refined Interior Staging Solutions.




AWESOME WORK! We had our empty house on the market for almost 3 months. We had over 30 showings with the feedback always coming back that they weren’t sure they like the layout of the house. We thought staging the house might help. We met with 3 companies and it was obvious that Refined Interior Staging Solutions had a clear vision of what the house needed. The process was much easier then I thought it would be…they took care of everything. My house looked great. I couldn’t believe how well they did and how nice all the furniture was. Even though the service was great, the results are what really speaks for what Refined Interior is all about. The very first showing after the house was staged we got an offer and sold the house at what we had it was listed for. I am 100% positive that it was because of what Refined Interior did. They gave the buyer a vision of what the house would look like when it is furnished. I will recommend Refined Interior to anyone that is selling a house.



“Your creative design side and your understanding of the difference between design for living and design for selling showed in what you did. Although I understand the big theories of staging, you brought the deeper knowledge that makes the difference between an okay job and an outstanding one.”



We needed help immediately! My husband and I had prepared our house for sale but knew we still needed to make it appealing to buyers. We contacted Helen and right from the start, I knew we had the right person. She has a wonderful eye for proportion, her sense of creating space is spot on and she knows what is current and can pull a room together quickly. We followed her advice and sold our home in the first week.

Pat and Larry


Hi Helen,
I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your services.  When I first came to you, I came to you with a problem.  I had a house that I had rehabbed and I was having trouble selling it because the potential buyers were saying the upstairs layout was “weird”.  You came over and staged the upstairs and within one hour, the next buyer that walked through the door wrote a contract and ended up purchasing the house.  Coincidence, I thought at first, but really, from that point on I was sold on your services.  The houses just look 100% better when you stage them.  After having you stage many more of my rehabbed properties, I have become convinced that I get a higher price and a quicker sale when I have you stage the house. This more than makes up for the cost of staging.
I’m looking forward to working with you on many more houses in the future!
Thanks, Joe.
Helen was absolutely awesome to work with. She knew right away what needed to be done to my house in order to stage it for selling. I was basically clueless, so I let her run with it. She was efficient and incredibly professional. She made sure the way she staged it showed the best qualities of the house so when buyers came in they saw what a great house it was. The most important part? My house sold the same day it went on the market!

Helen staged 5 rooms of a vacant house that I had listed for sale. We had previously had over 20 showings by realtors and at least 50 people through Open Houses. Not a single offer. The feedback I received was that people couldn’t figure out where their tv would go, or if their family would fit in the living room, and the master was too small, etc. Helen solved all of that and turned the vacant home into one that was beautifully decorated and looked like someone lived there. It wasn’t just a chair here and a vase there. We got an offer the first day after staging.

I believe the staging not only made the home attractive to the couple who bought it, but it also had them realize that other people would see how great the home was. It created a sense of urgency that wasn’t there when it was vacant. I am a huge fan of Helen’s work and will consider it part of my marketing strategy going forward.

Helen Bartlett, Owner of Refined Home Staging Solutions, is an extremely talented and an expert in home staging and interior design. She has and continues to be an invaluable asset in contributing to my success as Real Estate Agent in today’s challenging and competitive market. Her services range from paint color selection, walk-through consultations, furniture/accessory placement to full service design. Helen is a consummate professional with impeccable taste and an incredible eye for design and detail. As a professional it is highly imperative to surround oneself with other professionals who are experts in their fields to best serve the Client. I have worked with Helen for over 4 years and she truly understands the importance of preparing a home so that it can sell quickly at the highest price possible. In fact, many of my Clients love Helen’s work so much they hire her to decorate their new homes!